I read with amazement, in the October 2016 issue of MissionCritical Communications,

I do not pretend to be a sage with any unique knowledge of future outcomes on wireless regulatory or spectrum allocation matters, but after more th

Vehicular repeater systems are an important technology for many public safety and business enterprises.

American Time & Signal’s (ATS) licenses will eventually get squared away with EWA’s unsolicited assistance.

EWA has for the third time (let

The Public Safety Communications Council (PSCC) recently provided a rather vague response to Business/Industrial frequency advisory committee inqui

EWA will be filing Reply Comments on June 11 in the EB/GB 800 MHz proceeding in which the LMCC has asked the FCC to provide a six-month period for

Let’s look at a spectrum issue that demonstrates the American values of fairness and competition at their best, and at their worst.  And, if you us

This is an updated version of our earlier article covering the shenanigans of Federal Licensing, Inc.

Unfortunately, it appears that the public safety coordinators aren’t particularly interested in responding with any degree of clarity to the B/ILT