“This action will serve to stabilize the spectral environment while the Commission considers issues surrounding future use of the T-Band.”  This wa

It’s a simple ask …

I read in the FCC’s releases earlier this week that Shelby County, Alabama was granted  waivers, in one respect a partial waiver, to operate a VHF

This past May, EWA suggested that the FCC clarify what registration information is required for embedded signal boosters and to provide an online d

The FCC’s Office of Engineering Technology recently announced that the testing of the first TV White Spaces database demonstrated that the database

For a while there, there just didn’t seem to be a lot of wireless regulatory news to report.

The FCC released a News Release earlier today announcing the 45-day public testing of the “First Television White Spaces Database.” This is importa

We are sure that the industry’s message to the FCC was near unanimous, namely, that T-Band is an incredible spectrum resource that is used extensiv

Effective Monday, March 12th, there are now three and only three public safety organizations that have the coveted FCC-certified frequency advisory

There has been a lot of industry concern expressed by those that have been working diligently to comply with the FCC’s narrowbanding mandate, both