One would hope that the FCC, when making the difficult determination on how best to launch 4.9 GHz in the future, will rely on facts, but not unsub

Does it make sense to anyone that T-Band incumbents who wish to modify their systems must first ensure that they protect a TV station’s analog serv

EWA filed Comments on February 28, 2022, in response to the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking intended to “fu

In-building wireless radio networks for emergency responders, also known as emergency responder communications enhancement systems (ERCES), lack -

The Enterprise Wireless Alliance has filed Comments in support of a Petition for Rulemaking filed by the National Wireless Communications Council (

In Reply Comments filed January 11, 2022, EWA provided a variety of recommendations that could result in opening band being to deserving eligibles,

EWA filed a letter on January 7, 2022, urging the Federal Communications Commission to issue a Public Notice announcing a date when it wil

Noting that the T-Band incumbent only filing window of December 19 was fast approaching without resolution of a host of issues affecting frequency

The FCC released a Public Notice on December 1 announcing that it was “decom