A Portfolio of Services for your Spectrum Needs

EWA delivers not only an FCC-certified frequency coordination capability, but a portfolio of products and services that support securing the spectrum you need and protecting the spectrum you have. These include customer prospecting tools like Spectrum Intel and a secure License Management service that automatically protects your FCC licensed spectrum assets through license construction and renewal filing reminders.

Spectrum Intel

Wireless sales and service organizations may enhance their competitive edge through this lead-generation service. In literally minutes, in market areas of their choice, sales personnel may identify FCC licensees in need of license maintenance assistance and those who are new FCC licensees.

License Management

For both business enterprises and wireless sales and service organizations, EWA’s License Management service enables the licensees to comply with all FCC regulations governing construction notifications and license renewal obligations and other license confirmations in compliance with FCC rules. Many EWA wireless sales and service members use this service to track customer license maintenance needs as well as a customer benefit and source of additional revenue.

License Bank

License Bank

Secure your FCC licenses while providing key staff with the ability to produce official copies when needed. License Bank™ is ideal for an organization with a dispersed workforce that requires read-only access to corporate licensing information. Through the secure License Bank interface, employees may view license data but may not make any modifications.


Cevo® makes securing spectrum easy! EWA created Cevo, an online frequency coordination portal, to simplify applying for a new FCC license or modifying existing authorizations. Fast, easy coordination results -- anytime, anywhere.

Cevo Go

Identify frequencies either shared or exclusive that have been certified by EWA within minutes using EWA’s Cevo Go™️ app. Apply for the EWA-certified channels immediately, monitor the channels, or conduct another CevoGo search at a later time. No costs are incurred unless EWA receives permission to file an application with the FCC. 

FCC License Application Assistance

EWA prepares, reviews and files more than 15,000 applications and forms with the FCC annually, twice that of any other certified frequency coordinator. We know all applicable FCC rules and what is necessary to achieve licensing results. EWA’s expertise is trusted by more wireless sales and service providers, vendors and business enterprises than any other private wireless licensing institution, period!

Mapping and Research

Spectrum research that identifies accessible capacity is a key component to any wireless communication project. Let EWA support you with contour maps, exclusive-use channel reports, terrain plots and more!

Private Broadband Solutions

Private Broadband Solutions

Private Broadband Solutions from EWA supports members implementing or assisting their customers with initiating broadband and private LTE networks. Through a strategic alliance with Televate LLC, EWA supports members of all sizes and in any phase of their solution implementation. Contact EWA Executive Vice President of Operations Eric Hill to discuss your requirements.

Wireless Solutions Center

The Enterprise Wireless Solutions Center® is a unique online resource for discovering the right wireless technologies, solutions and vendors for your licensed or unlicensed wireless requirements. Your company, whether a business or government organization of any size, is constantly on the lookout for ways to help manage, protect, and grow your bottom line. You know that wireless technologies and applications can provide the results you’re looking for, but the trick is finding the right solution and vendor for your specific needs. Visit the Wireless Solutions Center to find options.

EWA Connect

EWA Connect is a members-only online community that allows members to share information, educate one another, ask for help, or simply stay abreast of industry news, events, and happenings. 

Additional Services

EWA offers a range of services for private wireless systems, including spectrum leasing and acquisition guidance and interference resolution.