Member Benefits

Enterprise Wireless Alliance membership helps you focus on what you do best – running your business.  As a membership organization, EWA is focused on educating, consulting with, and supporting the industry’s smallest and largest companies. EWA members rely on licensed spectrum for their business operations and are business enterprises, private carrier operators, wireless sales and service providers, vendors, and manufacturers. EWA advocates before the Federal Communications Commission on behalf of these members. In addition, EWA provides its members with consulting services, frequency coordination, license preparation, spectrum management and associated business intelligence services. EWA’s advocacy transforms public policy, and its services support business productivity by providing reliable guidance for spectrum and wireless technology access decisions. 

Below are highlights of the benefits your company can enjoy as a member of the Alliance, designed to help you protect and strengthen your business. If you have questions or would like to become a member, contact Membership at 703-797-5103 or

Protect Your Business 

Advocacy – EWA advocacy shapes FCC policy to protect your system and spectrum asset investments. Leadership in industry councils permits EWA to guide regulatory issues in favor of member needs.  

Regulatory Calls – Join bi-weekly regulatory video calls with EWA leadership for the latest information on proposed policies that could affect your business. Ask questions, and discuss the pressing legal and regulatory issues facing the industry.

Advocacy Alerts – Receive important communications from EWA to avoid surprises about changing regulatory requirements and congressional action, and learn about developing wireless industry news.

Strengthen Your Business

Spectrum Consulting – EWA experts can advise your organization on the most efficient spectrum and system requirements for your land mobile radio voice and data projects. Turn to EWA for FCC license preparation, frequency coordination, and other regulatory filing requirements.

Enterprise Wireless™ Insider® – EWA’s members only newsletter features articles on important industry topics to keep members apprised of changes in the regulatory environment and alerted to spectrum opportunities on the horizon.

Wireless Leadership Summit – Attend the annual event that brings together the industry’s best and brightest presenters, the finest wireless vendors and solutions, and the industry’s leaders for networking, education, and business planning.

Grow Your Business 

Networking – Connect with other leaders in the two-way radio industry through numerous networking opportunities throughout the year. Via the EWA Connect online community, professionals can ask questions and offer expertise 24/7. The Wireless Leadership Summit offers opportunities not only to learn about the current trends and products in the industry but also to network with colleagues, exhibitors, and EWA leadership. 

Spectrum Services – Whether you need business/industrial or public safety frequencies, turn to EWA for unparalleled technical expertise, speed of service, and authoritative advice on spectrum planning and utilization. Gain confidence from EWA, as the frequency coordinator trusted with the largest volume of applications annually according to the FCC.

Preferred Pricing – Members of the Alliance receive reduced pricing for license preparation, consulting, and other services (exclusive of FCC frequency coordination fees) ), some of which are available to members only.

Maximize the Value of Your Membership With These Powerful Services

Spectrum Intel™ – Develop custom reports and data-mine the FCC’s Universal Licensing System for sales opportunities, interference mitigation, and market area analysis. Create custom reports and analyze impacts and find opportunities from recently licensed and expiring private land mobile radio systems.  Cevo® – Find exclusive channels, analyze spectrum options – anytime, anywhere. Cevo offers the simplest way to submit your spectrum requirements and secure frequency guidance via PC or mobile device.  Accomplish common licensing tasks using EWA’s expert tools, and take care of your customers with speed, accuracy, and the trusted results you expect from EWA. Utilize the Cevo Go™ mobile app for an even faster input and results experience.

License Management  –  Ensure that your licensed systems (or those of your customers) are operating in compliance with FCC-mandated actions and notifications. This service provides regular notices of licenses that demand your attention.  

License Bank™  – Provide easy access to all your active FCC licenses, including official FCC license copies. This service provides access while keeping FCC login credentials secure.