An EWA member recently forwarded to my attention a solicitation from a public safety association promoting the benefits of its spectrum management

I became aware recently of a member’s concern that my blog had regressed to a series of rants and that it was not an effective w

The Enterprise Wireless Alliance with APCO International, Edison Electric Institute, the National Rural Electric Cooperative Ass

The Enterprise Wireless Alliance has

I’ve written about this think tank before, the Open Technology Institute at New America (OTI), covering their numerous FCC filin

On August 3, a group of organizations acting under the misleading name of the “Public Interest Spectrum Coalition” (PISC) report

Geez!!!  NCTA – The Internet and Television Association has thrown a hissy fit in response to First Energy and other 6 GHz incumbent advocacy

On July 12, 2023, representatives of APCO International, the Edison Electric Institute, the Enterprise Wireless Alliance, the National Rural E