Frequency Coordination

Frequency Coordination is an FCC Requirement – Rely on the Best!

Successful frequency coordination is a combination of determining what applicants need, what they may achieve in the way of accessing spectrum, a thorough knowledge of the FCC’s Rules, and knowing how to select the “best” channel to be certified.  The process can be complicated, but EWA successfully processes more than 7,000 requests for frequency coordination annually and has for decades. EWA is an FCC-certified frequency advisory committee for private wireless spectrum allocations in the VHF, UHF, T-Band, 800 MHz, and 900 MHz bands, including certain spectrum in the 1.4 GHz band.

Contact an EWA Spectrum Advisor

EWA’s spectrum advisors know how to expertly navigate FCC rules to satisfy spectrum requirements, perform spectrum availability analyses, and officially certify frequency selections.  To secure a Spectrum Advisor dedicated to your requirements, please contact EWA customer service at 800-482-8282.


Cevo® makes securing spectrum easy! EWA created Cevo, an online frequency coordination portal, to simplify applying for an FCC license. Fast, easy coordination results -- anytime, anywhere.

Cevo Go

Identify and secure certified frequencies in minutes with the Cevo Go™️ app. The sooner you secure the frequencies you want, the sooner you can begin monitoring channels, designing the system, procuring equipment and finalizing other aspects of your private wireless system.

FCC License Application Assistance

EWA is prepared to complete a multitude of FCC form preparation requirements, including FCC license application, modifications, administrative updates, renewal, construction notification, slow-growth updates and tower registrations. This service is performed on behalf of Business/Industrial and Public Safety entities.

Forms Library

This repository contains other critical FCC forms such as the FCC Licensing Short Form, the Antenna Structure Registration Worksheet, and the Signal Booster Registration Request form.