Wireless System Investment Model

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The Wireless System Investment Model is an interactive tool for calculating and comparing annual and cumulative expenses for a commercial cellular, versus private carrier, versus private internal network over a ten-year period.

Which system is more cost effective for your requirements? What are the cost components of figuring this all out? How can you easily present this data in an unbiased way?

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  • Simple and interactive. Start by providing just nine data points to initiate your customized spreadsheet and expense comparisons.
  • Detailed only where needed. With over 75 different expense fields available for comparison, you have the option to enter as much or as little data as you need for the complexity of your custom model.
  • Aligned with accounting practices. Data input fields are grouped by capital expenses versus operating expenses for easy input and comparison to your own accounting records and needs.
  • Dynamic prediction results. At the click of a button, your information is calculated. Compare the dollar-to-dollar annual and cumulative expenses over a ten-year period for your system requirements. Additionally, two graphs are automatically created to display a visual analysis of Expense Comparison by Year and Cumulative Expenses by Year.

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