EWA Files in Opposition to KRMZ Request for CH 20 in Los Angeles

Publication Date: 
June 28, 2021

EWA has filed in opposition to TV station KMRZ-LD’s application to relocate from channel 26 to channel 20 in Los Angeles, California.  In support of their request, KMRZ stated that “… there are no operating LMRS services on channel 20 within this radius.  Therefore, this application is immediately grantable.” 

EWA cannot fathom how KMRZ reached that conclusion and responded in its opposition that “Contrary to its statement, the application is not immediately or, in EWA’s opinion, ever grantable. KMRZ could not fulfill its responsibility to modify its service to cure any interference given the number of operational PLMR systems in the area.  Under these circumstances, KMRZ’s request to relocate from channel 26 to channel 20 must be denied.”