Association Coalition Files Reply Comments on 4.9 GHz

Publication Date: 
May 15, 2023

EWA filed the American Petroleum Institute, Forestry Conservation Communications Association, International Municipal Signal Association, National Sheriffs’ Association, and the Utilities Technology Council joint Reply Comments recommending that the Federal Communications Commission accelerate resolution of this multi-decade proceeding by designating the four public safety frequency advisory committees (FCCA, IMSA, AASHTO, and APCO) collectively as the 4.9 GHz national band manager. This approach would remove the requirement to identify a Selection Committee that then would need to develop an RFP to which prospective band managers could respond, and upon which the Selection Committee would make its band manager recommendation.  Each of those steps could take considerable time and all would be subject to review and opposition.  Designation of the public safety FACs could be accomplished immediately as they satisfy the criteria the FCC set out for the band manager role and, challenges to their selection likely would be minimal. All but APCO have endorsed that approach, and it has not sought reconsideration of the decision to appoint a band manager.