6 GHz Coalition Files Ex Parte Requesting Test Data

Publication Date: 
August 4, 2023

The 6 GHz coalition of which EWA is a member responded via letter to Professor Monisha Ghosh of the University of Notre Dame to her ex parte filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on July 21, 2023. In her ex parte, Professor Ghosh reported a meeting with representatives from the Office of Engineering & Technology to discuss research with the National Science Foundation regarding the Wi-Fi 6E deployment at the University of Michigan and the University of Notre Dame. In its letter, the Coalition reminded Professor Ghosh that 6 GHz incumbents welcome the opportunity to participate in collaborative testing “with any interested stakeholders (both unlicensed proponents and licensed incumbents)” with the goal of gathering “data to demonstrate what specific inputs should be modeled in the underlying Monte Carlo simulations relied upon by the Commission and unlicensed proponents.” Since incumbents were not involved in the testing Notre Dame conducted, the coalition would welcome the opportunity to review the underlying data from the tests and the methodology that was used and “are open to collaboration with all interested stakeholders in carrying out the research necessary to inform future actions.”